Work Abroad

“I don’t think many professional engineers are able to say that they have spent six weeks living in a country halfway around the world with roommates from Croatia, Poland, and Slovenia. This summer I really challenged myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and into a completely new and unknown situation.” — Spenser Pawlik, mechanical engineer and 2015 winner of the Engineering International Internship Scholarship, who interned in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

We all know that overseas experience can set you apart as an engineer, and that engineers ultimately aim to solve global problems. Working in different cities, countries, and even continents can give you a complete understanding of how engineering applies to different communities. It can also help you learn how to navigate complex work challenges, and you can come out saying you can manage well in multiple cultural contexts, or even multiple languages.

But trying to set up a job in a country whose language you don’t even speak can be a little intimidating (not to mention, confusing!) Luckily, Michigan Engineering’s Work Abroad program offers the tips and skills to help land those positions, and enrich your college experience with work abroad, be it an internship, volunteering or research.

These resources can help get you started on your international work.