Design, Test & Build Student Orgs

Michigan engineers are committed to developing breakthrough solutions, and sometimes, they even build them from the ground up. University classes explore a host of theoretical engineering concepts, and through design, test and build organizations, you can test these concepts right after class.

By joining a design, test and build org, you can gain important design skills and see the results in the palm of your hand (or stand next to them!) You can work in teams to find creative solutions for a range of problems. And when your project is finished, you can show off your work in exciting competitions across the country.

With more than 50 teams in the Wilson Student Team Project Center, students engage in hands-on development and fabrication, and develop a well-rounded approach to the engineering system. From Solar Car to BLUELab, the center furnishes groups with an opportunity to interact, share ideas and showcase their projects. The center is open 24/7, welcoming teams whether they’re meeting during the workweek or putting the final touches on a project on a Saturday night.

Many students in the center also participate in the Multidisciplinary Design Program, which mimics real-life environments by encouraging teamwork in different specialties.