Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial aid is a cornerstone of your college experience — no matter what form it comes in. Whether it’s scholarships, grants or connecting students to federal aid, Michigan Engineering has numerous resources and ways to help eligible students and their families.

Michigan Engineering offers hundreds of opportunities for its incoming students to receive the best educational experience possible. Because of that, newly admitted freshman students are automatically considered for one of our engineering scholarships by our scholarship committee.

New this year, Michigan residents with a family income less than $65K are also eligible for the Go Blue Guarantee.

In addition, Michigan Engineering offers a variety of scholarships to help you through your college years and reward you for the extraordinary work you have done, and will continue to do. Some are available for all students and others require special applications.

The best tactic to secure scholarships is to look into them and apply early, taking the time to revise as needed. And, of course, maintain good academic standing!